AW109 Support

A109 Support


Lowland Aerospace core business is the support of the Agusta Westland A109 serie helicopter. Wheater the helicopter is used for such as VIP transport, Aerial work, SAR, military or private owned. Lowland Aerospace can assist.


An fragmentized market with many helicopter operators with relatively small fleets where flights are mainly un-scheduled and the work pressure on personell can be very high. This requires a different approach for the support of your fleet. Flexibel, easy accessable and no nonsens.

Besides the sales or exchange options we have, we also offer, TTI, repair and overhaul services.


With our flexible solutions and dedication to the A109 we have satified customers all over the globe, working as operator, MRO, HEMS, defence and law enforcement.


Fields of support

  • Hydraulic components
  • Servo's
  • Under carriage / landing gear
  • Avionics
  • Standard parts


A109 types we recognise


  • A109 -A
  • A109 - EOA
  • A109-MKII
  • A109-MKII MAX
  • A109-C
  • A109C Max
  • A109-E power
  • A109-E power Elite
  • A109-LUH (military)
  • MH-68A Stingray
  • CN109
  • A109-K (Military)
  • A109-K2 (high Altitude)
  • A109-M (Military)
  • A109-KM (Military, High altitude and temperarture)
  • A109-KN (Navy)
  • A109-Gdif (Italian Financial Police)
  • A109-BA (Belgian Airforce)


  • A109-S grand


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